“I succeed by helping you succeed.”

Tarek Woolfolk Helps Serious People Make Serious Money


Tarek has always been a great friend and an amazing collegue. He always reached out and dropped knowledge on me or asked for my opinion for certain things because he valued my experience and my outlook on life. We both have a drive and spark that can’t be put out because we know what needs to be done and the motivation is at an all time high. I am glad we connected over these past couple of years and I’m ready to see where we end up from here. So if you ask me about Tarek I’m going to tell you he’s the next face in business and success.

Kameron S.


Meet Tarek Woolfolk

Tarek is from Baltimore Maryland where he grew up with strong dreams and goals even from at early age. As a kid he would shovel walk ways, wash cars, or do whatever it took to make a dollar. This entreprenurial spirit would serve him well and become a very solid foundation for success in later years.

Growing up in poverty gave Tareek a healthy respect and a burning desire to achieve more for himself and his family.

Through his determination and relentless pursuit of his dreams Tareek remained focused favoring hard work over excuses while exceling in  several weall known opportunities where he gleaned valuable knowledge and experience to become a highly sought after mentor and leader.

Today Tareek enjoys helping others become the very best version of who they were put here to be. He believes success is a destiny and a birthright that should be respected and pursued to the highest degree of satisfaction and accomplishment.